PiCUS 3 Sonic Tomograph

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Municipalities and private owners are held liable for damages caused by their trees. Most often trees are broken or thrown because of decay by fungal infections. To avoid risks the safety of trees has to be assessed on a regular basis.

  • New compact system design: one main control unit, no extra sensor-supply boxes.
  • Two cables only: sensors are assembled to robust a sensor cable harness.
  • Rapid data collection
  • Up to 12 sensors can work on up to 24 measuring points using the electronic hammer.
  • NO PC needed in the field. Can operate the entire tomography scan with or without PC
  • Preview sonic tomogram shown on-screen on-site.
  • Three-point-measurements to quick-test the tree to help decide whether a full tomogram is needed.
  • Main control unit saves hundreds of scans on solid state memory.
  • Lightweight - much less weight than previous models.
  • Built in GPS and Bluetooth.

Comparison between PiCUS 2 and PiCUS3:here

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