Blind Data Logger 

ThermaData Logger

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The ThermaData logger is a cost effective, self-contained temperature data-logger or blind recording thermometer that is designed to record the temperature of the surrounding environment. The ThermaData logger is housed in a water-resistant polyethylene case and incorporates two LED status indicators.

  • Software allows the user to programme the logging sample/interval rate (1 to 255 minutes), the real-time clock, °C or °F, delayed start (maximum 23 hours, 59 minutes) or push-button start and a 12-character user ID
  • It also incorporates a password protected calibration adjustment feature that checks the calibration of loggers and makes minor adjustments 0.5 °C (±3 °C)
  • ThermaData logger will continue recording during and after downloading the data unlike most low cost loggers
  • User can also set within the software, high and low alarm values for a specific application

  • 3 blind recording thermometer & data-logger
  • 3 visual display of high & low alarm status
  • 3 range -40 to 85 °C
  • 3 simple visual inspection shows if limits exceeded

Technical Specification:

ThermaData logger
range:-40 to 85 °C
resolution:0.5 °C
accuracy:±1 °C (±0.5 °C with calibration utility)
memory:2048 temperature readings
sample rate:1 minute to 255 minutes
battery:3.6 volt ½ AA lithium
battery life minimum:3 years
dimensions:Ø55 x 25 mm
weight:45 grams